1.Coffee tour

We provide a guided coffee tour in the picturesque Thalanar estate. The estate has a beautiful landscape with with a stupendous waterfalls. This waterfall is a natures bounty.


The estate itself has a beautiful trekpath. Since its flora has been maintained at various altitudes. We have trained personnel who will help you enjoy the trek suitable for all ages.

3.Bio Tour

The valparai diversity has more to be explored. With its rich green carpet, it is blessed with innumerable number of plants. Shrubs, herbs , trees and fauna.

The guided tours are all in our own realty.


Sonys Holiday Inn. With its comfortable stay facilities also offers Training to students and executives of Corporate. As a cente for value addition, we have a team of dedicated trainers who are of India fame, powered by Standards and Excellence.

5.Sight seeing

The grasslands and the water bodies of valparai are a feast to the eyes. The landscape is a spread of artistic greenery which boasts of valleys, hillocks, peaks, etc. The evergreen and unexploited valparai is never to be missed and will beckon u always. The misty valparai is a paradise.



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